- Human Services
- Event Calendars
- Online Communities
- Blogs
- E-Commerce
- Auction Sites
- Web Stores
- Document Control
- Project Management
- Project File Sharing
- Manufacturing Manager
- Products For Churches
- Travel Solutions

Web Design
- Small Business
- E-Commerce
- Search Engine Engineering

Azotus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of database solutions for all sizes of companies. Our products and custom solutions make your business run smoother. You can concentrate on business and not on IT headaches, poor reporting and cross platform incompatibility.

If you are looking for a company that makes your life easier, then Azotus Technologies is the one for you.  Experience, reliability, expertise and customer care-- coupled with today's latest technology, we're the one that gives you winning performance at prices that you can afford.

Azotus Technologies Data Solutions For:
  • Interactive, n-Tier, Database-Driven Web Applications
  • e-Commerce, e-Business
  • Full Applications or Individual Modules
  • Maintenance, Salvage, Enhancement of Existing Databases
  • Integration With Legacy Systems

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